Exercise is fundamental to the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes.  However many individuals face barriers to exercise.  Gyms are costly and sometimes physically out of reach to some patients due to age or other physical restrictions.  Electro muscular Machines (EMS) is an alternative to conventional exercise that may prove beneficial in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. 

While lying comfortably on a bed in a private cubicle, our uniquely protocols will deliver soft wave frequencies to your muscles causing them to contract and move, exactly as they would in a standard exercise.  During a typical 45 minutes treatment you will have achieved the equivalent of several Push-ups, Sit-ups, Pull-Ups, and leg lifts without ever breaking a sweat. 

Our EMS and uniquely designed protocols also go to work on your blood, increasing circulation, and ridding your blood of unwanted toxins. 

Slim Active allows you to experience the benefit of exercise without the strain of a typical workout.  The results and effectiveness of the Slim Active program have a proven track record of over 14 years and thousands of patients nationwide.