Medical Approved Meal Plans

Nutrition is the life hood of any lifestyle.  Healthy and unhealthy.  Even if you eat junk food all day it is still considered “Nutrition”, so how do you separate the good from the bad? 

Slim Active is here to help.  We are specialists in healthy nutrition.  As part of our highly advanced slimming system, we offer nutritional advice including different types of meal planning and guidance to help get you on track to a lean, healthy body.  In combination with our treatments, you will know the good from the bad and you will see and feel the difference.

What are the benefits of good nutrition?

A Long, Healthy Life

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Reduced Risk Of Disease

  • Nutrition has a positive impact on heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Better Digestive Health

  • Nutrition helps keeps the gastrointestinal trac healthy and functioning at its best.

An average weight loss of 8kg can be expected on a 4-week weight loss program.